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6. How does racial discrimination affect both the targets of discrimination and those who discriminate? W. E. B. Du Bois provides one answer in his dialogue, “On Being Crazy.” 7. Honor the legacy of military service and sacrifice by African Americans with this powerful short story by John O. Killens about a black soldier headed off to war. 8. What challenges, both rhetorical and diplomatic, did Secretary of State George Marshall face when, on June 5, 1947, he delivered his speech, calling for a massive aid program to restore the economies of Europe that had been ravaged by World War II? Answers to common lit. Answers to common lit questions. Answers to common lit assignments. Answers to common lit monkey paw. Answers to common lit the lottery. Answers to common lit we wear the mask. Answers to common lit lamb to the slaughter. Answers to common lit the lady or the tiger. Compare Search.